Creating beautiful, bespoke websites that clients love.

Your business deserves a beautiful website.

Creating beautiful, bespoke websites that clients love.

Beautiful Websites

Where the sky is no longer the limit.

Creating beautiful, bespoke websites that clients love. Divi enables me to push the boundaries and produce a unique website that will not only set your business apart but also ensure that your customers will love.

Creating beautiful, bespoke websites that clients love.

Just some of the incredible features your website will house as standard.

Unlike traditional websites, your website will feature a whole array of features as standard. Creating a better user-experience for your customers, whilst keeping your website fast and secure.


No longer do you have to settle for a website that looks ‘okay’. I look to create a website that excites you and your customers, giving you permission to explore.

Social Media

Your website will have Monarch, the best social sharing plugin, enabling you to customise your social media buttons and making it easy for your customers to share your content.

Email Opt-in

Your website will utilise Bloom, the ultimate email opt-in plugin. Giving you the ability to fully customise your email forms and monitor their performance using analytics.


The developers of Divi have partnered with to make sure that your website is tighter than Fort Knox. You can rest easy knowing your website is safe and secure.

Looks good everywhere.
Consumers are visiting websites on mobile devices more frequently than ever. So your website needs to be mobile responsive. I can guarantee that your website will look incredible everywhere! Need proof? Simply check out this website on any device.
Creating beautiful, bespoke websites that clients love.


The menu on your website will adapt to whatever device your customers are using, making your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Although Divi is incredibly powerful. Customers viewing your website on mobile devices will enjoy a seamless and clutter-free experience.


Customers using smartphones will be able to pinch to zoom images and swipe slider galleries, making your website more intuitive.


Ian Skelton Photography

Here, I showcase a selected project that I am proud of.
Ian Skelton Photography
Ian Skelton Photography
Ian Skelton Photography
Happy customers.
“Jamie listens, he’s good at that and his input takes you down paths you hadn’t thought of sometimes. He took the ideas away, did his thing & came back with his concept design for what has been widely praised as a clean, modern website that does what a photography website should do.”
“Jamie took a keen interest not just in our website, but also our brand and how we would engage with consumers. He took on board clear pointers from our own brief, but also brought some valuable recommendations and inputs to the table.”

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I’ve been a designer for over 10 years and I enjoy creating beautiful websites for people. My experience began with graphic and brand identity design, but I eventually expanded my knowledge to design elegant websites.

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